The Curly Cousins
Children's music to inspire and delight
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What others have said about The Curly Cousins

“My two kids went along to see The Curly Cousins and were thoroughly entertained and engaged by the beautiful songs, lyrics and actions. As a parent it was one of those kids shows that I totally got into and I found myself happily singing along.”
Greg Sheehan – musician

“The Curly Cousins were a big hit at the Mullum Music Festival 2009. Their show is fun for all ages and the children loved them. It was the perfect way to cater for the young ones yet still present great music and music the parents could also enjoy.”
Glenn Wright – Director, Mullum Music Festival

“I wanted to let you know how highly The Curly Cousins were talked about on the day and afterwards. You were the perfect act and really got the crowd in such a beautiful groove. So many thanks for your energy and for being such a big part of the day.”
Michelle Kelly – Organiser, Kites and Bikes Festival

“Thank you so much for being a part of Green Day Out! We have had absolutely great feedback about The Curly Cousins. You can definitely expect a phone call again next year!”
Anna Itkonen – Events Coordinator Gecko, Gold Coast and Hinterland Environment Council

"It’s apparent from the beginning that these ladies are apt at engaging children but they also had the adults in awe of their musical talent. This show was thoroughly enjoyable and a breath of fresh air in the school holidays. The Curly Cousins are great at what they’re about – ‘ celebrating the power of music to inspire and delight’."
Review of ‘Amazing Animal Adventures’ in Northern Rivers Family Magazine, Spring 2010

    "Thank the Lord for the Curly Cousins! We knew the Cousins are good: we have been to their concerts in town, own and love Rochelle’s (the Cousins’ Sunshine) “Jambu Tree” CD and my son and I have been regulars at Mandy’s (alias pigtail-Coco) Sing by the Sea weekly gigs for kids. Their CD is just as good as their live performances. What sets the Curly Cousins apart from the more commercial releases is that they sound like they like using their brain, have a flair for irony, the right mix of talent for success and, most important of all, they sound like they are having fun. Their CD is  – as stated on the cover – “parent friendly”, which is no small bonus if you re going to play it a gazillion times for your young ones."

    Audience members at shows:
    "Very joyous and fun, so refreshing – thanks!"
    "Thank you so much – one hour of the most happy times for me, a grandma."
    "What a fantastic show – so appropriate, so exuberant, so life-filled, so wonderful!"
    "I have to admit I put the CD on when the kids aren't at home!"
    "Our daughter managed to change our answering machine message to 'Hello to you, we are the Curly Cousins'!"